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Last Day @ the MTC

June 2, 2014 -- 12:40pm

Well I'm done at the MTC after today.  I'm so excited to be leaving tomorrow.  We leave so early from the MTC, like 4:30am!  My teachers, Brother Moore and Brother Makihelahela, are amazing.  We learn how to teach the lessons simply and effectively, and how to teach to the needs of our investigators.  The hardest thing for me so far was the lesson on following the promptings of the spirit, the role plays were pretty bad.  But, in the end we taught a teacher at the MTC and helped her with one of her struggles.  She told us that it was the best lesson she has ever been taught.  My trc (Teaching Resource Center) investigator was also really hard.  She had so many questions and they were questions we didn't know the answer to.  We blew our first lesson trying to answer them.  We learned from that and went into the next lesson and taught her the restoration and it answered a bunch of her questions.  In the third lesson we answered her question on the priesthood and she got really excited about everything.  And, our last lesson with her we taught her about the Plan of Salvation.  When I'm not in class I'm either eating or studying.  Church (Sunday -- Sacrament Meeting) is interesting because they have everyone prepare a talk and then call two people to give the talk they prepared.  I was the sacrament coodrdinater and all I had to do was get two people to pass and two people to bless the sacrament, and prepare two trays for water and bread.  The best part has been all the devotionals that have happened.  I sang in the choir for the Tuesday night devotional in which we got to listen to Elder Nelson speak to us.  Also it was amazing getting to know everyone in my district, I love all of them so much.  On P-Days (Preparation Days -- when missionaries do laundry, write letters, etc.) we normally get up do personal study for an hour, then go to breakfast, and then go to the temple to do a session.  After the temple we go back to our residence and get all of our laundry and do that.  Then the rest of the day we do whatever we want, we have played volleyball a bunch, so that's probably what we'll do today.  We also have a class at the end.  It was kind of cool when I realized I was at the MTC the same time as Eric Mika, and T.J. Haws. 

Elder Niceler

June 2, 2014 -- 4:08pm

Hey, if you want to chat for a bit I'm on for the next hour.

From our chat:

That's awesome! (the Spurs are in the final) Hey, I can call tomorrow while I'm at the airport. It all depends on how fast I get to the airport and how fast things go with checking luggage.  I'm planning on calling your cell (mom).  It will probably be sometime between 6 and 7 your time it might be earlier.  Just be watching.  I really hope that I can call you guys tomorrow.  I really want to hear everyone's voices.  

Tell Devin (Fuller -- Mike's son) that I saw his cousin.   I haven't started to pack yet, we're going to start after we're done emailing.  

The food here has been pretty good.  The only thing that hasn't been good is the orange juice, for some reason it makes everyone feel sick.  The doctors even recommend that we don't drink it.  

That's great! (that we'll be watching/listening for his phone call in the morning) I really hope I have time to call.  I gotta go, we're going to start packing.

Love you guys!  You'll get pictures next week.  The computers at the MTC won't let us download pictures.


Elder Niceler

P.S. Have Emma check her email now, I have a challenge i want you guys to do.