Elder Peter Henry Niceler
California Rancho Cucamonga Mission
6541 Woodruff Place
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701


Week 2 -- 1st Area -- Hesperia, CA

June 16, 2014 -- 11:22am

My second week was amazing, we got five new investigators.  The first the guy stopped his car and yelled out his window, "Stop in the name of the Lord."  We immediately thought, great this guy wants to bash with us.  We walk up and the guy explains to us how he met a couple of our Elders a month ago.  He then starts telling us, "I want to get baptized and sealed to my family in the temple."  We were so shocked and excited at the same time.  So, we went over to his house and talked for a bit and set up another appointment with him for the next day.  Our first lesson with him went really well and we committed him to baptism.  We didn't set a date (for his baptism) with him because he and his wife have to get married first.  So, he told us that he was going to go and get the marriage license on Friday.  So, we left it up to them to prayerfully consider when would be a good date for him to get baptized.  The other four investigators were given to us from the YSA (Young Single Adult) Elders.  They'd had a referral to this house, and the mom for the family let them know that she wanted her family to be taught.  So, we get to teach the mom and her two sons and one of her daughters, and the YSA Elders are taking the other one.  We found out in our missionary correlation meeting that one of our investigators, who Elder Bowman has been working with for three months, is really thinking about getting baptized.  Elder Bowman was really pumped when he heard that.  We really only had one thing that was not so good happen.  The Greene family, one of their sons is less active and is someone we are teaching, came up to us in church and told us that he took a turn for the worse.  So, we went and visited him right after church and he talked to us for awhile.  He is not doing well, he told us that his wife was coming to visit him, that he'd gotten a text from her saying that she was down the street.  Well, she never showed up and he says that someone took her.  But, what we really think happened is that she was coming to visit him and then she decided not to and that she isn't coming back.  He told us a lot of things and he was all over the place and he kept telling us the same things and we eventually found out that he has been taking meth for the last 15 years.  We also found out that he has syphilis and he isn't getting better because he won't go to a doctor so he is starting to think of things that aren't happening.  So we're pretty worried about him.  I heard that the Spurs won, and that they just killed the Heat.  You'll now have to update me on how the USA is doing in the World Cup.


Elder Niceler

June 16, 2014 -- 12:09pm

I received those letters that you guys did for FHE activity.  I loved reading them!  They made me laugh!  I also got Mary Alices' letter she wrote me.


 Elder Niceler

June 16, 2014 -- 12:20pm

I saw the blog and I love it!  Thanks so much for doing that for me!  Yes, it's fine to leave it public (answer to my question about if it's ok to have the blog be public).

June 16, 2014 -- 8:56am  (email conversation between Elder Niceler & Elder Coburn)

Elder Niceler wrote:  My first area is Hesperia.  It's a biking area, so I've biked a ton!  It's not fun biking in my area because it is always hot and there is always wind and it always seems like no matter what direction we are biking in we are fighting against the wind.  My first week was pretty dull, all my companion had us do was go a visit members of the ward i'm serving in, and we went and talked to a bunch of less actives.  There were a few things that made my first week interesting, the first one happened while we were doing our weekly planning.  Two cops opened our gate and cautiously approached our door, knocked, and were shocked to see two guys dressed nicely(this tells you what kind of apartment we're living in).  The next one was my second day out I got a flat tire and we had to walk everywhere. Our weirdest experience was as we were walking back to the members house that we left our bikes at, I turn around and this little dog is following us.  I let my companion know, so we stop and my companion tries to pick it up, and it bites him, so, it ends up getting thrown like three feet in the air and it hit the ground pretty hard.  So, we end up knocking on like every house around us.  As we are walking out from one house the little dog is doing something weird.  We walk up to it and my companion realizes it is having a seizure.  We had no idea what to do, so, we waited around.  About five minutes later the seizure ended and the dog stumbled back to its house.  The last experience was when we were walking up to a restaurant to go and eat dinner.  Two guys call us, so, we walk up to them.  One of the guys tells us to preach the good word, so we do.  After we're done talking to him the other guy starts talking to us about the frauds of evolution.  He then tells us a parable, and then he tells us that he respects us and all and then he tells us to go and look up all the frauds of our church.  My first week was pretty crazy.  My second week was amazing, we had one guy stop his car in front of us and yells, "stop in the name of the Lord."  We walk up to him and he tells us that he ran into some of our missionaries a month ago and he then starts telling us he wants to be baptized and sealed to his family.  We were so excited, we committed him to baptism the next day after we taught him the restoration.  He'll be getting baptized within the next couple weeks. The next thing that happened was the YSA Elders contacted us and told us that they found a family of four that wants to be taught.  So in my second week we got five new investigators.  The only crazy thing that happened was we had a family come to us a tell us that their son who is less active and is someone that we're teaching was going off the deep end so went and visited him.  And he really is going off the deep end.  He is not doing well and the main concern that we got from it is that he told us that he has been doing meth for like to the past 15 years.  So he is not doing well and he is thinking that there are things that have happened that haven't.  So we have no idea what to do with him.  Well my first two weeks have been filled with a lot of stuff.  I think my second day out I was on my bed  and I got homesick thinking of you guys.  I really miss my district. (the group of elders and sisters in the same class while at the MTC)  How have things been for you guys?

Elder Niceler,

P.S.  Can you guys send me Sister Clawson's email address and Sister Weavers'?

Elder Coburn wrote:  Hey Peter

Elder Niceler wrote:  What's up how have your first two weeks been?

Elder Coburn wrote:  I have been great!  I am in the Cucamonga Tongan ward!   It is crazy, Tongans are crazy people.  They are also fun though, and very friendly :)  They eat a lot of food though.  Weird food.  I have eaten horse and octopus and Lu and other weird tongan food haha it is a good adventure :)  My trainer is awesome too!  He is Elder Faimalo.  We get along very well haha so I am happy!  Also, I am in the same zone as Elder Plymell!  Our trainers had to go to a mission leadership conference too so we got to go tracting for a couple hours together.  It was awesome!

Elder Niceler wrote:  That's awesome that you're in the same zone as Plymell.  I'm in the same zone with Sister Cauble and Sister Rietz.  It's so hot up here and the wind is always blowing and I have to bike. So it sucks biking around up here.

Elder Coburn wrote:  Hahaha I am driving ;)  My comp doesn't have a license, so I got green dotted and get to drive :)

Elder Niceler wrote:  Lucky, we only get to use a car on P-Day and it's not even ours, we borrow it from some sisters in our district and last P-Day they gave us 35 miles and we barely made it with that, and today they gave us 25 miles.  Did you and your companion get a tweaker?  Hey can you send me that photo you took of Elder Plymell and me with Sister Jones and Sister Clawson jumping in the background?

Elder Coburn wrote:  Oya dawg

June 23, 2014 -- Elder Niceler wrote:  Thanks for sending the photo.  How was last week?  I can't wait to see everyone this Wednesday!!  My week went pretty well.  We have one person with a baptismal date and we taught a bunch of really good lessons to less actives.