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Week 28 -- 2nd Area -- 3rd Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

December 15, 2014

Well, another rough week, filled with challenges.  Every single appointment seemed to fall through.  Our backups even seemed to fall through.  We were absolutely lost as to how to fill our time.

We did start a workout routine that by the end we'll be able to do hand stand push ups, a push up with only your hands touching the ground, and last a one hand push up.

Elder Tate got sick and we ended up missing church.  He asked me to give him a blessing and I healed him and we were able to go and teach an investigator and we ended up having a super good lesson.  While talking to him we found out our prayers for him had been answered.  Our first lesson with him he was hung over from drinking two quarts of whiskey and because of that our first lesson was cut short.  We came to find out that he'd recovered really well and that he had no desire to drink, which really surprised him.  He's doing really good.

Other than that our week was pretty pathetic .   I can't wait to talk to you guys next week.   I can't believe that I'm about to be 7 months out, and that Christmas is next week!!!!!!!!!

We have a little Christmas tree that I'm gonna take picture of and send it to you.  We bought some Christmas decorations for it.

I love y'all so much.  You are always in my prayers.


Elder Peter H. Niceler

Me & Santa

My Zone Leaders
(above right is one and below right is the other one, the other elders pictured are in my zone)

My Zone
Apple Valley, CA



   My Companion,
       Elder Tate

   Look at our Ties
     Ho! Ho! Ho!
  Merry Christmas!

Here's a picture of me & Elder Tate taken at Bishop Haywood's house after we'd had dinner with them.  Sister Haywood sent this picture and a similar one of me & Santa to my mom recently.  They're always very thoughtful!  We love them!

Week 27 -- 2nd Area -- 3rd Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

December 8, 2014


Well, this last week definitely wasn't my best week.  It was chalked full of trials and just hard times.  Both my companion and I had the hardest time waking up and doing studies and we had a hard time being able to see our investigators.  We had to drop one because he went to jail.  And dropped another one because things just weren't playing out right.  I gave Elder Tate two blessings and one I healed his headache that he had.  He wakes up every morning and has a migraine. To add on top of that he will usually get another one during the day.  

We were able to find two new investigators and with one we had a pretty cool experience.   Elder Tate and I walked out of a house after having dinner and the same thought popped into both of our heads. We both didn't say anything, so we continued our walk back to our place.  About halfway there Elder Tate stops and says, "We need to go and see Christina Reeves."  So, me knowing that I had ignored a prompting from the spirit, agreed and we turned around and walked to her house.  Once we got there we knocked on the door and she happened to be home.  The most surprising thing was she normally isn't home on that day till later because she works that day.  We talked with her for a bit and then set up a return appointment and gave her a "He is the Gift" card.  We both were a little frustrated with ourselves because we both ignored a prompting.  But, we were extremely grateful that we got the prompting again and that we were able to meet with Christina. 

I'm listening to Elder Tate play the piano right now.  He's super good at playing the piano.  So, every night, after planning, he'll play the piano and sing.  I love Elder Tate!  He's super awesome!  So far this transfer I've given Elder Tate 5 priesthood blessings and he has given me 2.  We've also been blessed to give a bunch of priesthood blessings to members in our ward.  Priesthood Blessings truly work!  You can always ask for one.

We got to go and do service at a Squash Farm where they grow all kinds of vegetables.  I got the worst job.  I had to pull a cart around as one of the staff members sprayed the plants.  After that, we went home and got dressed and then my zone and another zone sang at the Apple Valley Christmas Tree Lighting.  We did pretty good.  We got to see the tree that they were going to light and ummmm...  Man, it was terrible.  It looked nothing like a Christmas Tree.

It's going to be an awesome week!

Remember that going to church is never a bad thing.  One thing I've learned on my mission is that church is where we go to prepare to make covenants and to keep the covenants we've made.  The Lord loves you!  We are given trials because they are what help us reach our potential.  Heavenly Father gives them to us because they're what will help us become like Him.

Well, I hope all of you are having an amazing week. Keep up the good work.  Tell everyone hi and that I love them!


Elder Niceler

P.S.  I will definitely have pictures next week I forgot the cord that allows me to download the pictures to the computer

Week 26 -- 2nd Area -- 3rd Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

December 1, 2014

We went to the appointment we'd made with the gentleman I told you about last week.  The one we met selling clothes on the street.  We tried to have a lesson with him, but, he started telling us a crazy story and we weren't able to really teach him.  He's crazy.  He didn't come to church like he said he would.  We'll have to see if we should continue trying to teach him.  Right now, we're thinking of dropping him.

I missed being able to see everyone this year for Thanksgiving.  Our Thanksgiving was good.  We were invited to several members' homes.  We ate at two different houses and they were both really good dinners.  My companion and I both had a hard time finishing the second meal, even though it was super good.  We were at one of our favorite ward family's homes, the Haywood's.  Sister Haywood had her youngest brother just return home, Tuesday, from serving his mission in Sweden.  So, we got to talk with him for a bit.  He was a super awesome missionary!


Elder Niceler

Week 25 -- 2nd Area -- 3rd Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

November 24, 2014

Well, my first week in my new area was pretty good.  There's a ton of work to do here.  It's great!  My companion and I were really feeling the spirit strongly, during our weekly planning, and we set some really crazy, high goals.

Right now we have 17 referrals (names of people, given to them, who are interested in learning more about the gospel).  We found four new investigators and they are all super awesome.  One of them really messed up his knee while playing basketball with us and we gave him a blessing and healed his knee.  We talked to him yesterday and he told us that it was just a little sore.  But it was super awesome seeing the power of the priesthood work in healing him.  

Besides that our week was packed full of teaching people.  We did a pretty good amount of service and we were able to find someone that is going to be a new investigator this week.  

We also had an awesome experience yesterday(Nov. 23rd).  During our daily planning session, Elder Tate felt a strong impression that there was a person that was ready to hear about the gospel.  We were having a super bad day, we'd talked to a few people and none of them were interested.  So, we decided to go to a Less Active's house and on the way there was this guy selling some clothes.  So, we walked up to him and we said we can't buy anything from you because it's the Sabbath, but, we'll give you five bucks.  He told us no thanks.  He then told us that he'd been meaning to come to our church.  He went on to tell us that he wanted God back in his life.  We told him that we can help you with that.  We then talked to him about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and about baptism.  He told us he wanted to get baptized, so we then decided to set a baptismal date with him for December 20th.  We then explained to him what had to happen in order for him to get baptized and then we set up a return appointment (note:  this was all on the side of the road).  Us meeting that guy showed us that God was still there.

Oh yeah!  The church is going to start this initiative called "He is the Gift" for the Christmas season.  The church has paid to have the headboard on YouTube right now, and they've paid to have some billboards on Times Square, NY.  There are pass along cards that go along with the initiative.  We have to pass out at least 10 per day.  There'll be 9 pass along cards in the December Ensign (a periodical published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) issue for members to use.  You should watch the video, "He is the Gift"   Also search #ShareTheGift.  You can see how others are sharing the gift and watch many more inspiring, positive, & uplifting short videos.


Elder Niceler

Week 24 -- 2nd Area -- 3rd Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

November 17, 2014

Transfer time has come again and I got transferred to Apple Valley, which is probably 25-30 minutes away from my last area, Hesperia.  First, I had to go to the Mission Office in Rancho Cucamonga where I met my new companion, Elder Tate.  Then, we travelled to our area in Apple Valley.  It's a little weird, but, I'm excited for the future and for things to come.  My companion Elder Tate seems pretty cool so far.  He's super awesome!  Elder Tate has been out for a year now and he is from San Antonio, Texas.  He played basketball in High School.  Last year his team went on to state and during that game Elder Tate had to guard one of the Harrison brothers (the guys who play for Kentucky).  He had an amazing game.  He scored 36 points, got 12 rebounds, and had a couple of steals!  He told me that he was being recruited by a bunch of really good colleges like Duke, UConn, & Georgetown to name a few.  He was going to goto Duke, but, they wouldn't let him defer because he was going on a mission.  So, he walked onto the BYU Team and was on their practice team before leaving to serve a mission.  He'll be playing for BYU after he returns from his mission.  He's a super awesome basketball player!

I feel a little shaken up and homesick after this transfer.  But, I'm doing great!  I already really miss my first Ward, but, overall I'm super excited for this transfer.

I got the package the Young Women (from my home Ward -- in each local congregation of the LDS Church, all females ages 12 to 17 are members of the Young Women.) sent.  It was awesome!  Yeah, so, when I received the package my first thought was please don't be candy and it was candy.   Then, I was reading through all of the letters and was excited to read Emma's and I got to hers and it said "email to come."  That was disappointing.  See the pictures below for my reaction.  

This last week was pretty crazy.  Elder Golden came and talked to our mission and it was pretty good.  It really made things super crazy for our week.  When Elder Golden spoke to us he took three hours.  It was super long and I got super hungry during the first part and felt like  I was going to die.  After the first part we had lunch and they ran out of food so we had to wait for them to go and get more.  After lunch Elder Golden spoke to us for a little longer and then we went back to our apartment and we had more lunch because we were hungry and then we went and visited some people.  

This transfer was crazy, we got calls saying that I was leaving and Elder Wurst was staying on Saturday.  So, we were feeling good about that.  Then, on Sunday President Hobbs called us and he'd decided to make Elder Wurst a Zone Leader and that he'd be getting transferred.  President Hobbs changed all of the Zone Leader companionships except for one.  Out of the 11 Zones 10 of them were changed.  He moved all of the Senior Companions down to District Leaders and then he called a bunch of new Zone Leaders.  

Well I'm super excited for this new transfer and for the things to come.  Thanks for all the prayers.


Elder Peter H. Niceler

Package from the Young Women in my home Ward.

Saying goodbye as we prepare for our transfers. 

Week 23 -- 1st Area -- 2nd Companion -- Hesperia, CA

November 10, 2014

I can't believe that it is almost time for transfers!!!! It's just a little startling! Transfers will be next Monday, so, transfer calls will be given sometime this week.  I have a feeling I'm going to be getting transferred.

Well, this last week was pretty good.  We were able to meet with Ally and she is doing super good!  She's been reading her scriptures and seems to really like having us teach her.  We were able to also see Christian and Noah which was good.  We're still working on getting them to want to get baptized.  We aren't going to be able to see the Hall family for awhile.  Brother Hall had surgery and his entire small intestine was removed.  So, he is going to be recovering from that for awhile.

I went on exchanges(when you switch companions for 24 hours) with Elder Olsen (one of my Zone Leaders).  We were in my area and we went and visited with some Less Actives and Recent Converts.  Then, we went and contacted some potential investigators.  We were able to set up a return appointment with one of them.  We then went tracting and we met a family that said that they would be interested in hearing the message we have to share.  So, we set up a return appointment with them for Wednesday at 10am.

We did some service this week at the Hesperia Zoo.  I took a ton of pics!

Three great videos you should watch together in this order: (all can be found at under Mormon Messages, but, I'll try to put the links to each video here.  Just click on the title.)

1.  Mountains to Climb

2.  The Will of God

3.  Good Things to Come

Overall the week was super good.  I want you to know that I do feel your prayers, love, support, and faith for me and I appreciate it!  I love all of you so very much!!!


Elder Peter H. Niceler


This is the African Lion named Truman.
Truman was used as the basis of the artwork for Aslan in all of the "Chronicles of Narnia" movies.

Cool Old Coin
(We got to hold it!)

This is a 1853 coin that a member in our ward has.  It was super awesome being able to hold it!

Week 22 -- 1st Area -- 2nd Companion -- Hesperia, CA

November 3, 2014

Hey, Mom!

That's awesome that you all went to see "Meet the Mormons."  My favorite stories were "Missionary Mom" and "Candy Bomber."  Meet the Mormons did really well!  It was really close to being in the top ten!  It made over $3 million in the first three days!

Ally is doing good.  We were unable to see her last week.  Her schedule for work changes all the time and she was super busy.  We have an appointment with her tomorrow.

We might be getting a new investigator tomorrow.  Our Zone Leaders met this guy in a store and told him they'd go visit him.  They told my companion and I that they are giving him to us.  So, he could be our new investigator.

I got the Halloween pictures you sent.  The pic of Eli and Emma is hilarious!  Eli is so big now!

I gotta go.  I love you very much!


Elder Niceler