Elder Peter Henry Niceler
California Rancho Cucamonga Mission
6541 Woodruff Place
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701


Week 24 -- 2nd Area -- 3rd Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

November 17, 2014

Transfer time has come again and I got transferred to Apple Valley, which is probably 25-30 minutes away from my last area, Hesperia.  First, I had to go to the Mission Office in Rancho Cucamonga where I met my new companion, Elder Tate.  Then, we travelled to our area in Apple Valley.  It's a little weird, but, I'm excited for the future and for things to come.  My companion Elder Tate seems pretty cool so far.  He's super awesome!  Elder Tate has been out for a year now and he is from San Antonio, Texas.  He played basketball in High School.  Last year his team went on to state and during that game Elder Tate had to guard one of the Harrison brothers (the guys who play for Kentucky).  He had an amazing game.  He scored 36 points, got 12 rebounds, and had a couple of steals!  He told me that he was being recruited by a bunch of really good colleges like Duke, UConn, & Georgetown to name a few.  He was going to goto Duke, but, they wouldn't let him defer because he was going on a mission.  So, he walked onto the BYU Team and was on their practice team before leaving to serve a mission.  He'll be playing for BYU after he returns from his mission.  He's a super awesome basketball player!

I feel a little shaken up and homesick after this transfer.  But, I'm doing great!  I already really miss my first Ward, but, overall I'm super excited for this transfer.

I got the package the Young Women (from my home Ward -- in each local congregation of the LDS Church, all females ages 12 to 17 are members of the Young Women.) sent.  It was awesome!  Yeah, so, when I received the package my first thought was please don't be candy and it was candy.   Then, I was reading through all of the letters and was excited to read Emma's and I got to hers and it said "email to come."  That was disappointing.  See the pictures below for my reaction.  

This last week was pretty crazy.  Elder Golden came and talked to our mission and it was pretty good.  It really made things super crazy for our week.  When Elder Golden spoke to us he took three hours.  It was super long and I got super hungry during the first part and felt like  I was going to die.  After the first part we had lunch and they ran out of food so we had to wait for them to go and get more.  After lunch Elder Golden spoke to us for a little longer and then we went back to our apartment and we had more lunch because we were hungry and then we went and visited some people.  

This transfer was crazy, we got calls saying that I was leaving and Elder Wurst was staying on Saturday.  So, we were feeling good about that.  Then, on Sunday President Hobbs called us and he'd decided to make Elder Wurst a Zone Leader and that he'd be getting transferred.  President Hobbs changed all of the Zone Leader companionships except for one.  Out of the 11 Zones 10 of them were changed.  He moved all of the Senior Companions down to District Leaders and then he called a bunch of new Zone Leaders.  

Well I'm super excited for this new transfer and for the things to come.  Thanks for all the prayers.


Elder Peter H. Niceler

Package from the Young Women in my home Ward.

Saying goodbye as we prepare for our transfers.