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California Rancho Cucamonga Mission
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Week 34 -- 2nd Area -- 3rd Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

January 26, 2015

Last week was a really hard week.  We didn't really get to go out and work.  Elder Tate had headaches that prevented us from doing so.  I had a moment when I got super overwhelmed and I cried.  I realized a lot of things and a bunch of emotions came out.  But, luckily, Elder Tate is super awesome and he helped cheer me up!

One thing that has really helped me while serving in the Ranchos Ward, with Elder Tate, has been priesthood blessings.I've had Elder Tate give me a few blessings and in every single one something was said that I needed to hear.  The blessings also brought me a ton of comfort!  For example, I was extremely nervous about going and casting the evil spirit out.  I got a priesthood blessing and my nervousness went away and I felt so much love and comfort.  We will never be forced to be given a priesthood blessing, but, they will always help us, they're never bad.

So, here's a somewhat crazy story.  There are these recent converts, Danyelle, Seth, & Erin.  They are super awesome!  We hadn't been able to see them for 8 weeks.  We decided that we were going to walk to their house.  Now, their house is super far away.  They live on dirt roads.  So, we decided to walk and we thought it was like a 6-7 mile walk.  Holy cow!  It turned out to be a 10 mile walk!  We kept thinking we were getting close and that we'd get there at the time we thought we would, but we just kept walking and walking!  So, Elder Tate prayed that we'd get a ride and this car pulled up and asked us if we wanted a ride.  So, in the end, we got there and we didn't die.  By then, the day was pretty much over.  Well, just a cool story!

I love you so much!


Elder Niceler

Pacific Coast Trail

Today we hiked part of the Pacific Coast Trail.  Below are pics from our hike.