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Week 37 -- 2nd Area -- 4th Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

February 17, 2015

Since yesterday was President's Day and the public library was closed we get to email today.  

My first week as a district leader was pretty good.  My district is awesome!!!  I love the sister missionaries that are in my district.  It's hard trying to think what I can do as a district leader to help my companion as well as those in my district.  My very first district meeting went super good.  I did some stewardship reports, and a get to know you game and then I gave a training.  I was super nervous about my training because when I started I had 30 minutes to fill.  But, I ended up going over a little .  

Things were pretty tough for leading the area for the first time.  It felt like every single appointment we had fell through and those we tried to drop by and visit weren't home.  It was a tough week.  I struggled with the fact that it always seemed we had nothing to do and that I had no idea what to do with the time we'd planned for lessons and those cancelled.  So, it was just a tough week.  But, it's all good, a new week with new opportunities is ahead.

I want to say that when you're going through hard times, being honest and open with those that are there to help you will help you get through that hard time.  By being open and honest you are allowing that person to fully be able to help you.  I've seen this on my mission.  When I've been open and honest with my companions it has allowed them to help me change and get through whatever I was struggling with.  It's also the same concept with prayer.   You will receive more blessings when you're honest in your prayers.

We were able to see our recent convert Karl.  He's doing super good, he's just soaking up everything we teach him like a sponge.  We found a new investigator on Sunday!! We were sitting in the chapel waiting for sacrament meeting to start and this member asked us to come with him.  While we were walking he explained that they had caught this homeless guy trying to take a sponge bath in the bathroom.  They pulled him out and just talked with him and one of the guys saw he had a meth pipe on him.  He told the guy, "Look, you're lucky, we're not going to send you to jail, we'll just get you some help." They asked if he'd be interested in learning about the gospel.  So that's where we came into play.  We met him and talked with him for a little bit, taught him about the restoration and then set up a return appointment for today at one (which he never showed up to).  So, we are now going to have to drop him because we have no way of getting in contact with him since he's homeless. 

Thank you so much for all the prayers.  I definitely felt the effect they had on me last week.  I keep all of you in mine.

Elder Peter H. Niceler


Me & My new companion, Elder Haglund

Pics of me on my bike!

Elder Haglund & I eating dinner