Elder Peter Henry Niceler
California Rancho Cucamonga Mission
6541 Woodruff Place
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701


Week 60 -- 3rd Area -- 5th Companion -- Hesperia, CA

July 27, 2015

Well, serving in the High Desert has now come to an end.  I've been transferred down to Chino and I'm covering the YSA Ward in the Stake and I also cover the Rolling Ridge Ward.  I'm super excited to be serving down in the valley.  I've been wanting to ever since I became a Zone Leader.  Wish come true!

I really miss my last Ward though, it was a great Ward.  The members in the Ranchero Ward were some of the most loving people that I've ever met.  They were amazing examples of what the Savior would do.  I've changed a ton and I'm so grateful that I was able to serve there.

I'm now a more dedicated and obedient servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Obedience to God's commandments is what brings the most happiness and joy in this life.  I wasn't ever a really disobedient missionary, but I wasn't super good at following all the rules; at least the really small rules that seem really dumb.  Going to the Ranchero Ward, with Elder Russell, I learned that no matter what you follow all the rules even when you don't understand why they are there, and as a result you are blessed.  I, by far, had the best and worst three transfers of my mission in Ranchero.  I found that as I was more obedient to the mission rules and commandments that I was happier and that things went a lot smoother.  I've come to know that the  Savior is always there for us.  I've have felt his love the most when I've turned to him when I've needed him.  He is always there for us.  We need to be attached to him.

I love all of you so much!


Elder Peter H. Niceler

Below are pictures of people that I loved from my last Ward.

 This is us with the Christensen family, they are super awesome.
Brother Christensen has been to the Brockett ward while he was on a business trip. 

 Me & my companion with Jesse E.
Jesse is an awesome young man who is going to be serving a mission soon.
Elder Russell and I took him out a ton.

Me & Brother Garcia

Below are some pictures that some members took and shared with my mom via text message.

The pics above and below were taken on my birthday, July 26th!


A family in our Ward had signed up to feed us dinner and later found out it was my birthday.
They surprised me with cupcakes and singing.  It was awesome!

The Schaumann Family
(in my new Ward in Chino)

My mom received a text from Brother Schaumann with this picture and the following message:

"Former Antofagasta Chile Missionaries taking care of their own!!
Your missionary is a great blessing in our Ward. - K. Schaumann"

My mom served in the same mission and Zone as Brother Schaumann many years ago.
She says he was a great missionary!

Pretty amazing and cool that I got to meet him and will be serving in his Ward!