Elder Peter Henry Niceler
California Rancho Cucamonga Mission
6541 Woodruff Place
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701


Week 67 -- 4th Area -- 7th Companion -- Chino,CA

September 14, 2015

This last week was super stressful and super awesome!

It was super awesome because it was by far the best week that I've had in this area.  We had four really good lessons with investigators in which we were able to help the investigators out a lot.  One of our investigators, Randy, we were able to help make a ton of progress.  We had a really good first lesson with him and we were able to help him understand why we are there and we were able to just help him with a lot of questions he had.  Elder Reddish had a strong impression to ask him if he would like a priesthood blessing.  He told us he was feeling like he should, but he was very hesitant,. So, we talked more and testified and he accepted to have one. It was a super powerful lesson.  Randy is starting to notice a difference in his life right now and it's super awesome to see. 

We also had the wonderful opportunity to have Elder Falabella, of the First Quorum of the Seventy, came to our mission and he spoke to all of the missionaries serving in the Desert one day and all of the missionaries serving in the Valley the other day.  He had the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders come early for both meetings and he spoke to us separately.  In the meeting with the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders in the Valley I got a front row seat.  Although, everyone got front row seats because there weren't a ton of us since it was only those in the Valley.  But, he stood literally right in front of me.  It was super amazing being able to hear from him.  He taught us a lot about the Sacrament and how every time we take the sacrament we need to make a new covenant with God, but, we should also use it to remember the covenants we have already made.  He also taught about how we should, under the direction of the Bishop, do the work in each Ward that we serve in.  He taught us that the Bishop can easily receive revelation for everyone in his Ward.  He also taught us that we need to do a better job about finding families.  He taught us that if we could teach families and baptized families that we would start having higher numbers of baptisms.  It was such an awesome experience being able to have been taught by him.  He also came to our Mission Leadership Council and that was a super powerful MLC!  The spirit was so strong as we discussed the mission and what we need to focus on.  We came to the conclusion that we need to focus on each individual missionary converting himself/herself to this Gospel more.  We were taught that we as leaders need to be the ones who make sure that we do it because everything starts with us.

It was a super stressful week because I'm now the Senior Zone Leader and I'm also the designated driver and it's been a little tough getting to know the area.

Things are going well, though.  The Lord is helping me a out a ton.  I know that Jesus Christ lives and that Heavenly Father lives to.  I know that they are consistently at our side, and that they are waiting for us to come to them asking them for help.

I love all of you so much.


Elder Peter H. Niceler

P.S.  I asked a member in our Ward to share the pictures from our Ward BBQ with my mom.  She has added them below along with a kind message from Brother Kat, who shared the pictures.

Hi Sister Niceler,
I'm a Ward member in Chino Hills, CA, where you son is serving. With his request I'm forwarding a Google Drive link to share with you pictures of our Ward BBQ, your son is in many of these pictures. If you have problem accessing the link, please let me know.

You have a very good son, Elder Niceler is always smiling, pleasant and hard working. We love to have him here in our Ward. Thanks for sending him.

My wife and I are originally from Hong Kong but my 3 kids are all born here (1 Utah, 2 Calif). My son went on a mission too and has been back. If you need anything quickly for your son, feel free to email or call me, we'll be glad to take care of it.

Brother Kat