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Week 38 -- 2nd Area -- 4th Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

February 23, 2015

The first two weeks of this transfer have been absolutely terrible!  Last week was another tough week.  We didn't really see anyone.  Everyone that Elder Tate and I were able to see on a consistent basis have been super hard to get in with.  We did get in with Brother Calvin only for him to inform us that he wasn't up for a lesson, and that totally bummed me out.  I love being able to teach!  I don't know exactly what I like, but, there's something amazing about being able to teach.  But, that hasn't stopped me from going out and working.  We've just done a lot of sitting in our house trying to figure out who we could possibly go and visit. And that has been hard.  I absolutely hate sitting around as a missionary.  It's the worst thing you can do as a missionary.

Elder Haglund is awesome!  I think we've finally figured out how to teach with one another.  We had an amazing lesson with a recent convert in the ward and the spirit was so strong.  We went out of order with how we usually teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but, it was amazing.  I honestly believe that right now I'm becoming the best missionary I've been on my mission so far.  The Lord is starting to shape me into the missionary I need to become.  It's been hard, but, it's going to be so rewarding.  That's the amazing thing about trials is that you come out of them a person that is more dedicated and closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.  I've learned that it helps to look at the opportunity for growth in the trial that helps us to get through them.  

It's been fun so far being a district leader, mainly because I've only had one district meeting.  But, I enjoy being able to have my district members come to me and ask me questions.  We had to go down to Rancho Cucamonga for a leadership meeting and I got to see Elder Plymell and he's doing great.  I found out that he's training.  I also got to see my trainer Elder Bowman, he's now a district leader and he's doing good.  The leadership meeting was long but really good.  I love all of you.


Elder Peter H. Niceler

Here are 3 pics with the puppet Elder Tate made for me.

Week 37 -- 2nd Area -- 4th Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

February 17, 2015

Since yesterday was President's Day and the public library was closed we get to email today.  

My first week as a district leader was pretty good.  My district is awesome!!!  I love the sister missionaries that are in my district.  It's hard trying to think what I can do as a district leader to help my companion as well as those in my district.  My very first district meeting went super good.  I did some stewardship reports, and a get to know you game and then I gave a training.  I was super nervous about my training because when I started I had 30 minutes to fill.  But, I ended up going over a little .  

Things were pretty tough for leading the area for the first time.  It felt like every single appointment we had fell through and those we tried to drop by and visit weren't home.  It was a tough week.  I struggled with the fact that it always seemed we had nothing to do and that I had no idea what to do with the time we'd planned for lessons and those cancelled.  So, it was just a tough week.  But, it's all good, a new week with new opportunities is ahead.

I want to say that when you're going through hard times, being honest and open with those that are there to help you will help you get through that hard time.  By being open and honest you are allowing that person to fully be able to help you.  I've seen this on my mission.  When I've been open and honest with my companions it has allowed them to help me change and get through whatever I was struggling with.  It's also the same concept with prayer.   You will receive more blessings when you're honest in your prayers.

We were able to see our recent convert Karl.  He's doing super good, he's just soaking up everything we teach him like a sponge.  We found a new investigator on Sunday!! We were sitting in the chapel waiting for sacrament meeting to start and this member asked us to come with him.  While we were walking he explained that they had caught this homeless guy trying to take a sponge bath in the bathroom.  They pulled him out and just talked with him and one of the guys saw he had a meth pipe on him.  He told the guy, "Look, you're lucky, we're not going to send you to jail, we'll just get you some help." They asked if he'd be interested in learning about the gospel.  So that's where we came into play.  We met him and talked with him for a little bit, taught him about the restoration and then set up a return appointment for today at one (which he never showed up to).  So, we are now going to have to drop him because we have no way of getting in contact with him since he's homeless. 

Thank you so much for all the prayers.  I definitely felt the effect they had on me last week.  I keep all of you in mine.

Elder Peter H. Niceler


Me & My new companion, Elder Haglund

Pics of me on my bike!

Elder Haglund & I eating dinner

Week 35 -- 2nd Area -- 3rd Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

February 5, 2015

Can you believe that I've been out for 9 months now?!?!  Our P-Day was moved to today, Thursday, because we got to go to the Redlands, California Temple. I've got pictures from the Temple trip today.

Nothing much that's new.  Transfers are this coming Monday.  We have 23 missionaries going home, then 12 new missionaries coming, 4 of which will only here until their visa comes.  Elder Tate thinks he's getting transferred and becoming a Zone Leader.  I feel like I'm gonna be a district leader training.

We were able to get out and work this past week.  We have a baptism on Saturday.  Carl is getting baptized and he's super awesome!  The Sister missionaries also have two baptisms that day. Two sisters they've been teaching are getting baptized and they want Elder Tate to baptize them and me to confirm them.  Elder Tate also found a new investigator on exchanges and met a less active member we've been trying to see for a while.  


Elder Niceler

Redlands, California Temple Pictures

(:  Temple Selfie  :)

My Zone

Me, Elder Tate, & Our Ward Mates  -- Sister Cornett & Sister Wihongi

Elder Reddish (a missionary in the zone), me,  and Elder Tate in the background

My Zone

Week 36 -- 2nd Area -- 4th Companion -- Apple Valley, CA

February 9, 2015

I've now been out for 9 months. 9 MONTHS!!!!!!!! Crazy!  Well, I've now got a new companion.  His name is Elder Haglund, he's from Idaho Falls, is the youngest in his family, and has been out for almost 13 months. He's also a little quiet.

I already really miss Elder Tate.  He was more than a companion to me.  He was a friend, we loved being around each other, and we new each others strengths and because of that we worked really well with each other. 

I'm now a district leader and I'm super excited and nervous.  I know that I'll do a good job, it's just I'm worried that I'm gonna have a hard time with planning district meetings. 

This last week was just super weird.  Since we had the temple trip on Thursday, we had our P-Day on that day and it threw off our week.  Monday, was a normal proselyting day, but, to be honest, for Elder Tate & I it turned out to be another P-Day.  It didn't help that we had a dentist appointment to go to for Elder Tate, which totally killed our Monday because we had to bike there and it was pretty far away and , man, it was long.  The rest of the week was slowed down by Elder Tate's headaches and our appointments canceling on us.  Tuesday was interesting.  We held our district meeting and after that we went and had sushi.  Elder Tate decided to get the all you can eat.  Well, he ended up eating too much and was sick the rest of the day.  So, that was absolutely awesome.  Wednesday, we were on exchanges and I was in the Zone Leaders' are all day.  So, I got to be in a car and it was amazing!  Going to the temple on Thursday was absolutely awesome!  It's always nice to be able to take your mind off the worldly things and listen to what God has to say.  

Our investigator Karl got baptized, it was super awesome seeing him get baptized!  I had the wonderful opportunity of conducting the meeting.  Elder Tate and I also had the honor of baptizing two investigators that our ward mates (missionaries serving in the same ward), Sister Cornett and Sister Wihongi, taught.

Well, I'm gonna talk about what I learned from Elder Tate.  With Elder Tate I had the opportunity of giving him many blessings, as well as, having him give me many blessings.  And let me tell you the power of priesthood blessings helps a ton!!  The priesthood blessings that I've received have brought me so much peace and comfort.  They're never bad and they always tell you something you need to hear.  

Elder Tate showed me how important loving the people you serve around you is.  As he was saying good bye to people, a bunch of them were crying.  At first I was a little jealous because they weren't showing that they cared about me.  But, what I realized was that they do care, they were just sad to see one of their friends go.  I came to realize that loving people is what motivates us to do things.  In Matthew 22: 36-39, Jesus taught the man who asked him:

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
38 This is the first and great commandment.
39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

We learn from this scripture that to love is the first commandment.  We know that love is what will drive us to do anything. As is says in John 14:15,5"If ye love me keep my commandments." Elder Tate was a great example of this.  The second thing I learned from Elder Tate is how to pray. Now, I know that you start off by saying Dear Heavenly Father and end with in the name of Jesus Christ amen.  What Elder Tate taught me was that prayer is our way of talking to Heavenly Father.  He told me once "Thanking Heavenly Father for things, and asking for blessings is good; but I think that it's okay to just talk to Him like we talk with each other."  Now, obviously we should still use the language of prayer. But, he's totally right!  As I've talked with Heavenly Father how I talk with everyone else (still using the language of prayer) my relationship with him has grown.   Prayer is so key and if you make your prayers better than things in your life will get better.  I promise that as a representative of Jesus Christ.

I'm super excited for this transfer with Elder Haglund!  We're going to go out and work really hard. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord's true church.  If we have a love for this gospel and we're living it, then we'll always do what the Lord wants us to do.  The Lord is Hastening is work and the only way that missionary work will get done effectively is if the members and the missionaries work together.  I love all of y'all so much!


Elder Peter H. Niceler

This last Saturday our Sisters (the Sister Missionaries serving in the same ward as me and my companion) had two baptisms.  I got to baptize one of them and Elder Tate got to baptize the other, and we also had a baptism.  The girl standing closest to me is the one I baptized.

These are pictures with the Weicher family, who are in our ward.
We went and got pictures in case we were getting transferred.

Elder Tate & I with our investigator, Karl, who got baptized and the guy who baptized him. 

Me & Elder Aso who I absolutely love!  He was in my very first zone.