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California Rancho Cucamonga Mission
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Week 53 -- 3rd Area -- 5th Companion -- Hesperia, CA

June 8, 2015

Me and my companion are doing really good, we just had one day last week in which he was just way down, and it made me almost lose it.  But, I said some prayers and I was able to get through it.  We've talked more and as of right now there isn't a ton I can do other than just pray for him to make it through this trial.

The zone is doing really good.  We have a Zone Meeting this Tuesday.   This month we're studying chapter 6 of PMG (Preach My Gospel - a guide to missionary service), so our training is gonna be on "Becoming Like Jesus Christ and How That Helps Us Fulfill Our Purpose."  We're also gonna have two other trainings; one is on virtue and the other is on diligence.  We're super pumped for Zone Meeting.  The Zone has changed a ton.  It was a very good Zone when I got here and now we've got a Zone of hard working missionaries!  It's been awesome being able to see the change! 

The two missionaries that  we've been struggling with have been doing really good.  The one that wants to be obedient has got the companionship to make changes.  They've also been home on time pretty much everyday for over a week.  It's been a huge stress relief not having to worry about them.  

Last week was rough, but it was a really good week.  I got to go on exchanges with one of our District Leaders, in the Spanish Ward, for a day and man it was awesome.  Luckily, we taught people that they teach in English.  I had to give the anointing part of a blessing in spanish and man that was tough, but it was good.  We had some really good Spanish food that was was super spicy, but, I ate it anyways. It was super awesome being able to serve in the Spanish Ward for one day, although, I'm super glad that I'm not a spanish speaking missionary.

I keep in contact with Elder Tate.  I just forget, but, that's super awesome that his family is moving into our Ward.

I'll definitely keep an eye out for that Elder (Elder Taylor Wilhelm -- an Elder coming to my mission soon that Elder & Sister Hintze know about through one of their daughters.  He is in their daughters Ward and he joined the church 2 years ago.  Sister Hintze told my mom that he's a really great kid and has had a lot of trials prior to coming on his mission.  He has a very strong testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.) when he comes in next transfer, I'm super excited to meet him.

Thanks for all that you do.  You guys are awesome!


Elder Peter H. Niceler

Here are our Zone T-Shirts

Front above
Back below

Here are pics from a service project we participated in.  We mowed the weeds down.
It was weird because all it really did was kick up a ton of dirt.

Me mowing the weeds! :^}  :)

My companion, Elder Russell :^]

Here I am again, still mowin' the weeds! :)

and smilin' too! :)  ;) :]  :}