Elder Peter Henry Niceler
California Rancho Cucamonga Mission
6541 Woodruff Place
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701


Week 85 -- 5th Area -- 9th Companion -- Spring Valley Lakes, CA

February 1, 2016

Things are going good. The work is still really slow, we're just doing a ton of finding and we aren't seeing very much from come from it. 

The week was pretty good, we had two exchanges one with our Zone Leaders, and the other exchange was with some Elders in my District. Both of the exchanges were filled with finding. On Thursday, I had to go to the bathroom so we walked to this gas station so I could go. I went and then Elder Carver had to go so he went in. Just as he was coming out this guy came up to us and started talking to us. The conversation went for a good amount of time. Pretty much all that happened was he attempted to bash us and it didn't work. We sat there quietly and just listened. He was all over the place, and it was just confusing to try and understand what he was talking about. We left the situation, and we both couldn't feel the spirit. So, we decided to say a prayer and the spirit came back right away. 

This whole week we had a huge emphasis on praying. I've said more prayers with Elder Carver than I have with any other companion. We said a prayer pretty much every time we were unsure where to go after taking a break to get water, and just whenever we felt like we should. I really felt the presence of the Lord more in my life. 

During Zone Conference President Hobbs was training us and one thing that he said has stuck with me. He was talking about how we all go through mists of darkness. It's part of us coming here to earth that we go through them. He referenced the story in the January 2016 Ensign called "Finding My Way Through Mists of Darkness." The one thing he said that struck me is that the Lord isn't always sending us trials or just letting us go through them. President Hobbs said, "I think that most days he's protecting us from all of the bad things that could happen to us." When he said that it really hit me, I truly believe that he is doing that. 

Thanks for all of the prayers! 


Elder Peter H. Niceler