Elder Peter Henry Niceler
California Rancho Cucamonga Mission
6541 Woodruff Place
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701


Week 87 -- 5th Area -- 9th Companion -- Spring Valley Lakes, CA

February 15, 2016

Things are going good! Our investigator Brian is doing really good! He came to church and he really enjoyed it. Other than that things have been tough.  The area is still really slow. We're just doing what we can to work hard and trust the Lord. 

This last Saturday Elder Carver and I had a really good meeting/conversation that has truly changed my mission. We just talked about a lot of things. One of the things that has really come to me is I feel a very strong love for my Savior. Love for the Lord is what should drive all of us in all that we do especially in sharing the gospel. Feeling this love will change your life. Ever since that day things have been pretty tough for me. Satan is trying really hard right now to stop me. He sure is really good at his job. I'm doing all that I can to not let him win. 

I've come to learn and gain a testimony of the power of prayer. I've witnessed time and time again prayers being answered. This last week I witnessed one. One of my ward mates Elder Hulet had a life changing and mission changing experience. Beforehand he'd been struggling with obedience and being committed to our purpose as missionaries. I said many prayers that he would have an experience that would change him, and it happened. 

This transfer I've really come to love all of the missionaries in my District. It has really changed me and it's elevated me to a higher plan. I'm truly the best missionary that I've ever been and the best District Leader. "Pure Christlike Love can change the world" --- Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. That quote is so true! Our relationship with our Father in Heaven is so important, we need to be praying to him daily. A strong relationship with him is essential! I learned from Elder Porritt (the other one of our ward mates), how to truly pray. He told us that we don't know how to pray, and he meant everyone including him. He said he starts his prayers off by sitting there in silence for around a minute. He then starts his prayer and the first thing he says is "Heavenly Father I don't know how to pray, I ask that thou will guide this prayer." He goes on to say everything that comes to his mind. I tried this and Wow! It really makes saying prayers a powerful experience, I'd invite all of you to try this out. I'd add one thing before ending your prayer, sit in silence and listen. When you feel like you've received answers, close the prayer. 

Heavenly Father truly knows every single one of his children perfectly.  I've experienced way too much to deny this. Turn to Him, He wants to hear from you. He has so many blessings that He will send to you if you just talk with Him. I learned as well that the way that we overcome our fears is by hope. It's so true! I love all of you so much! Keep being awesome!


Elder Peter H. Niceler